Islanders – 2019 Selection

Islanders is a curated section of Valletta Film Festival featuring films from islands and/or about the islands of this world.

There are 49 islands in the world that are sovereign states and just as many that are dependent on other states or regions. There are also thousands of populated and unpopulated islands, scattered like little dots, on the map of this planet that we call home. Islanders is the cinematic archipelago of our planet, set in one of the smallest capitals of Europe – Valletta.

The four films selected for this section are eligible for the Valletta Film Festival 2019 Audience Award.

‘Capri-Revolution’ by Mario Martone (Italy, France)

‘Of Time and The Sea’ by Peter Sant (Malta, United Kingdom)

‘Twin Flower’ by Laura Luchetti (Italy)

‘Islander’ by Stéphane Goël (Switzerland)

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