#Profit (Who’s Next) by Miro Drobný (Slovakia) – 23min – Mockumentary

Oleg and Vadim are the world’s best-known roof-toppers. With cameras on their heads and without any safety harness whatsoever, they illegally conquer one skyscraper after another.  Only the beautiful Angela upstages them. They decide to take her to climb with them up a building in a nuclear power plant. They take risks so as to gain the best shot with the greatest number of likes but also to gain her heart. The film was inspired by real-life story. The internet and youtube altered the fates of the three main protagonists and brough them to the brink between life and death. It could happen to anyone! Who’s next?

Audition by Elena Kairytė (Lithuania) – 6min – Fiction

A young guitarist is preparing for important audition, but his preparation is hampered by a home accident. When his rehearsed performances fails, the guitarist decides to improvise.

A Small Detail by Mladen Stanic (Croatia) – 22min – Fiction

After his wife’s funeral, an old man talks his daughter into driving him to visit an old friend who he hasn’t seen in a long time. He uses the travel to try and reconcile with his daughter. Hiding the reason of his visit, an old man finally faces his forgotten friend.

Teofrastus by Sergei Kibus (Estonia) – 15min – Animation

A tale of freedom and compassion, set in the 1980s Soviet Estonia, as experienced by a cat and recounted by its owner. Cat Teofrastus lives a homeless life at a train station. One day, he is offered a home by a family living in a nearby countryside house. However, the happy life is short-lived when the cat is taken to the big city and gets lost on the streets. Will Teofrastus find his way back to happiness?

In Between by Samir Karahoda (Kosovo) – 13min – Documentary

An empathetic portrait of the families that, by economic necessity, need to live much of their lives separated and living in cultures not their own.

The Dog Man by Samuel Sultana (Malta) – 14min – Fiction

After spending his life controlled Ьу an over-bearing wife, а widowed old man gives in to his desires, adopts dozens of dogs and ultimately is consumed Ьу his own obsessions.

Screening Times

Tue 18 Jun 201919:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
Thu 20 Jun 201913:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
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