Quartz by Odeta Riškutė (Lithuania) – 5 min – Fiction

In wintertime, school authorities introduce quartz lamp sessions – so that children could receive a missing vitamin D amount. But sixth-grader Jokūbas, cares more about a cool classmate, sadly this is a one-sided feeling. During the first quartz lamp session, the boy bravely violates the rules in order to impress his crush.

Chasm by Ana Trebše (Slovenia) – 25 min – Fiction

After ending a long term relationship, Klara moves to her own place. She maintains contacts with Jure, her ex through occasional friendly phone calls. But when Klara senses a trail of a new woman in Jure’s life, she gets pulled into a whirl of overthinking, doubts in her decision and herself.

New Neighbours by Riho Västrik (Estonia) – 15 min – Documentary

Two political eras meet in the Estonian town of Tapa. The descendants of the soviet military find themselves next to a NATO base where in the spring of 2017 allied forces moved in.

Fence by Lendita Zeqiraj (Kosovo) – 15 min – Fiction

Several women from different generations of the same family loudly confront each other with their views on life, love, desire, and the patriarchy.

O Land of Wrath by Adrian Camilleri (Malta) – 23 min – Documentary

The film’s narrative revolves around Maltese folk music: Ghana and the musicians Ghanejja with underlying themes that explore the Maltese landscape and psyche.

Misplaced Memories by Ivana Radić (Croatia) – 6 min – Animation

In a cabin, deep in the woods, days are filled with light, peace, freedom and order. But night brings about a change of scenery and a thirst for all things raw, violent and natural.

Screening Times

Wed 19 Jun 201921:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
Sat 22 Jun 201913:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
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