This creative, cinematographic story chronicles the birth of the Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve in the difficult social circumstances of a Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia. Their dream journey to find success is a powerful, inspirational story of hope and desire, full of emotions, electrifying Roma music and kind humour. We tell the tender story of a group of outsiders who have one great dream: to play their music on a big stage and show the “gadjos” that they too have talent. They want to succeed in the majority society, get out of the village ghetto, with its grime and poverty, and start living life with dignity. We follow their journey in pursuit of this dream, from Košice to Bratislava, all the way to a prestigious international music festival, where they will have the chance to put their musical abilities on full display. How will they deal with their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Screening Times

Thu 20 Jun 201919:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
Fri 21 Jun 201913:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
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