Sir Alan Parker, the director of Midnight Express will be present for the screening at Fort St. Elmo and will be talking prior to the screening about the making of this film, his career as a filmmaker and cinema.

Filmed mostly at Fort St. Elmo and the streets of Valletta, the film is being screened as part of the 450 anniversary since the foundation of Valletta to celebrate the links that the Capital City has with Cinema. Midnight Express was the first international production to be filmed in Valletta that went on to gain international acclaim by winning six Golden Globes and two Oscars in 1979.


Billy Hayes (Brad Davis) is a young American caught by Turkish police while attempting to smuggle hash out of Istanbul. He’s tried and sent to prison for four years, where he endures all manner of privation and abuse. As he finishes up his time, he’s shocked to learn that the Turkish High Court has added a further 30 years to his sentence. He is now thoroughly demoralised, and his life in prison grows increasingly unbearable until he concludes that escape is his only option.


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Sat 04 Jun 201620:00Fort St. ElmoADD BOOK NOW
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