‘A Place For Myself’ by Clementine Dusabejambo, Rwanda, 22 minutes

When five year old albino girl, Elikia realizes that she is  ‘different’ from her schoolmates, her mother encourages her to find a place for herself.

‘Lejliet’ by Matthew James Ellul, Malta, 13 minutes

Gaetano, a sexton at the local parish, is alone on the church rooftop on Christmas Eve. To his surprise he encounters Marco, a teenager from the village who has also sneaked upstairs. Although neither is happy to see the other, a reluctant conversation is struck up between the two. As the interaction turns hostile, the reason for their presence on the rooftop emerges as both men reveal their hidden intentions, unexpectedly finding common ground.

‘Honey And Old Cheese’ by Eassine El Idrissi, Morocco, 25 minutes

A young Moroccan man is trying to find someone to take care of his belongings before leaving his village to immigrate to The Netherlands to join his father. Leaving the village wasn’t easy, and took many years. When the moment has finally come, he experiences feelings of doubt, facing the memories of the past and the problems that lie ahead of him.

‘ I didn’t Shoot Jesse James’ by Sophie Beaulieu  France, 17 minutes

Jesse James, is gearing up for a robbery but Bob Ford, his accomplice, has longer term projects with Cynthia. What if the story of Jesse James and his assassin Bob Ford was just a manifestation of a far-fetched virile archetype?

‘Ayny, My Second Eye’ – Ahmad Saleh, Palestine, 11 minutes

The mothers stayed standing when the war hit the houses. The children kept dreaming. The houses grew back. The war hit back. The children kept playing.

‘Red Fat Cat’ by Klaus Hoefs, Germany, 10 min

Out of the blue, drowned refugees packed in plastic sacks land on the public beach touching the life of those who have settled in the comfort of everyday life .

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