Seven documentary films are selected at Valletta Film Festival to compete for the Best Documentary and Best Cinematography Award.

All films in this section premiere at the cinema of Spazju Kreattiv at St James’ Cavalier Centre for Creativity.

Here are the titles selected for this year’s competition:

‘The Poetess’ by Stefanie Brockhaus & Andy Wolff (Germany)

‘Island of Hungry Ghost’ by Gabrielle Brady (Germany, UK, Australia, USA)

‘Welcome to Sodom’ by Christian Krönes & Florian Weigensamer (Austria)

‘Genesis 2.0’ by Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev (Switzerland)

‘Of Fathers and Sons’ by Talal Derki (Germany, Syria, Lebanon)

‘Don’t Be Nice’ by Max Powers (USA)

‘The Thunder Feast’ by Santiago Maza (Mexico)

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