Valletta Film Festival 2018 – List of Winners

Here is the list of winners of Valletta Film Festival 2018.

The winners were announced at the awards ceremony held on Saturday 16 June 2018 at Pjazza Teatru Rjal.


Best Feature Film: Anchor and Hope

“For introducing us effortlessly to the love of a couple that happens to be made of two women, for granting it to be simply in love as any couple, without politics or claim to its difference, and thus achieving to plainly integrate it into society, and also thanks to a trio of witty and endearing actors welcoming us into their world.”

Best Director: Babis Makridis for Pity

“The vision of this film was masterful and accessible, resulting in an articulate bringing together of all the elements of film making.”

Best Performance: Susanne Wolff in Styx

“For a very strong, singularly engaging and solid performance carrying the weight of an entire film and conveying the horror of the political situation of refugees in a subtle, yet powerful way.”

Best Cinematographer: Benedict Neuenfels for Styx 

“For the audacity, the truthfulness and the consistency of the photography, for the fluidity and the precision of the camera work, never over-dramatizing but humanly representing the daring journey of a one-woman sailor and one of the tragedies of our times.”

Best Screenplay: Carlos Marques-Marcet & Jules Nurrish for Anchor and Hope 

“Less is often more in screenwriting and this very natural, believable screenplay was written in a way that you feel these people are your friends.”


Best Documentary: Island of Hungry Ghosts

“The French poet Paul Valery said that “a work of art should always teach us that we had not seen what we are seeing”. And that is one of the qualities of the winning film; to reveal a fragment of the real – in this case the desperation of refugees living in limbo, and the helplessness of one woman who cares deeply but cannot effect change. This film is a complete and overwhelming cinematic experience, at once visual, auditory, metaphorical, poetic and political where fact and fiction intermingle to weave a narrative that opens up a world of beauty and horror and breaks our viewing habits.”

Best Cinematographer: Christian Kermer for Welcome to Sodom

“The astonishing cinematography of this film succeeds in plunging us into the revelatory apocalyptic reality of an electronic waste dump in Ghana. The length of the shots, the mastery of the camera movements and the considered pacing create a fully immersive visual experience.  Even though it shows a vision of darkness, the poetic approach of the image never falls into misery; it reflects those who live and work there in all their beauty and dignity.”

Special Mention by Jury: Of Fathers and Sons

“Talal Derki’s bold and brave filmmaking took us deep into the little understood world of a frontline Jihadi fighter determined to pass on his extremism to his sons. The jury found it a powerful and unforgettable viewing experience.”


Best Short Film: Deer Boy

“For its stunning visual language,  its capacity to tell a universal story without words, its mesmerizing actors, its truly original vision and contemporary metaphors.”

Special Mention: Correspondance Pelliculaire

“For its organic approach of the creative process, its texture, translating into a truly sensory experience and the truth of such a personal and sincere story.”


Audience Award 2018: Children of the Snow Land

Patrons attending screenings at Valletta Film Festival were asked to select their favourite film. The 2018 Audience Award winner is Children of the Snow Land.


Teens Choice Award: Children of the Snow Land

Patrons attending screenings of films in the Teens Only section voted Children of the Snow Land as their favourite film.