26 Short Films at Valletta Film Festival

26 short films representing 23 countries will be competing for Best Short Film at the second edition of Valletta Film Festival.

The films will be presented in four two-hour programmes that will be screened at the cinema of Spazju Kreattiv at St. James Cavalier, Valletta. The mix of fiction and documentaries deal with broad number of themes including survival, peer-pressure, family values, immigration, love and pursuit of happiness.

Two films from Malta made it to the final selection. Another three films with strong connections to the Islands through location, director or producer have also been selected.

Here is the full list of short films chosen for Valletta Film Festival 2016:

‘The Van Bommel Brothers’ by Laurens Jans (Belgium – 25:00)
‘Friend or Foe’ by Shirley Mintoff (Malta – 17:26)
‘Kingdom of Garbage’ by Yasir Kareem (Iraq, Netherlands, USA, UK – 08:33)
‘Cadence’ by Jean-Charles Paugam (France – 24:00)
‘Black Sea’ by Ulas Karaoglu (Turkey – 21:20)
‘Fire’ by Chris Andrews (UK – 13:48)
‘A Six and Two Threes’ by Andy Berriman (UK – 12:30)
‘When you hear the bells’ by Chabname Zariab (Afghanistan, France  – 25:00)
‘All rights reserved’ by Anael Ruth Resnick & Laila Betternann (Israel – 12:00)
‘Raisa’ by Pavel Cuzuioc (Austria, Moldova – 15:00)
‘Prodrome’ by Timothy Wennekes (Belgium – 22:09)
‘Redo’ by Gine Therese Gronner (Norwway – 15:00)
‘Haus 209’ by Bettina Hutschek (Germany, Malta – 09:00)
‘Hide and Seek’ by Camille Fleury (France – 23:48)
‘Bellissima’ by Alessandro Capitani (Italy – 12:00)
‘Ambivalent’ by Keith Albert Tedesco (Malta – 14:55)
‘Pigeons shit everywhere’ by Fred De Loof (Belgium – 24:00)
‘Blodimery’ by Francisco Denis (Venezuela – 10:20)
‘Bakhyt’ by Ruslan Bekshenov, Aleksandr Amulin (Russia – 14:35)
‘What Grows out of Pink’ by Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum (Norway – 09:28)
‘I am sorry’ by Teodor Kuhn (Slovakia – 16:40)
‘Flower of a thousand colours’ by Karen Vazquez Guadarrama (Belgium – 22:52)
‘Goodbye’ by Eddy Schwartz and Yordan Petkov (Bulgaria – 16:02)
‘E.T.E.R.N.I.T.’ by Giovanni Aloi (France – 14:20)
‘Maya’ by Veemsen Lama (UK – 15:47)
‘Altrove’ by Cesare Cka Cicardini (Italy – 18.07)

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