1:54 is a psychological thriller about a high school student who is pushed to the edge because of the pressure he endures and where human limits reach the point of no return.

At the age of 16, Tim is an intelligent but shy young man gifted with a natural athletic ability for running. However, the last four years have been tough on him because of Jeff and his crew. In his last year of high school, Tim is sick and tired of feeling like a loser, and wants to shine for once. He decides to stand up to Jeff by dethroning him in the 800m championship, the event Jeff is known
for in school.

But behind the compettition and rivalry, a secret is wreaking havoc.

To Pierre, his father, who is tryying to unnderstand what’s going on, and to Mr. Sullivan, his running coach, who tries to help him, Tim says, “There are only two ways to solve your problems. Either you shut up and do absolutely nothing or you shut up and take care of it youurself. I choose option two.”


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Sat 17 Jun 201714:00Embassy CinemasADD BOOK NOW
Mon 19 Jun 201718:00Embassy CinemasADD BOOK NOW
Sat 24 Jun 201714:00Embassy CinemasADD BOOK NOW
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