The film takes inspiration from a Maltese urban legend in which bikinis were bought in bulk and burnt in a public square in Malta in the 1960s.
In the same period several women were arrested in Malta and taken to Court for wearing bikini, concurrently Archbishop Mikiel Gonzi requested the then Prime Minister Borg Olivier to institute a special branch of the police force with the “exclusive function to safeguard public morality”.
Then the research carried out follows the historic trail of the first feminist movements which started emerging in the 1970s, in step with other far reaching social reforms of the time worldwide.
The film engages with leading local figures of the feminist movements, honouring their invaluable contribution to human rights in Malta.
The film also giving insights into the more repressive aspects of gender stereotyping that are still present in today’s society. The last part of the documentary focused on the women of today, over 50 years later, when the nation is still struggling to attribute to a woman’s mind and body the equal value, respect and freedom to those of a man.

Screening Times

Sat 17 Jun 201722:00Pjazza San ĠorġADD
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