The Sound by Antony Petrou (Cyprus) – 15 min – Fiction

Beth lives a quiet rural life with her parents, on their secluded family farm. When her fragile mother begins to hear a mystery sound that nobody else can hear, the family are unsure what to make of it. Soon, the sound becomes a source of frustration and pain and it drives Beth’s mother to the brink. Desperate to alleviate her mother’s suffering, Beth becomes obsessed with finding and stopping the mystery of the strange sound.

The Unusual Bath of Mister Otmar by Niko Radas (Croatia) – 15 min – Animation

Mister Otmar’s way of living is not aligned with the society he lives in. He’s been brought before court as being deemed as dangerous for the collective thinking and sentenced to a psychiatric treatment with the aim of returning him to socially acceptable frameworks. However, the prescribed therapy confronts with unexpected resistance.

Sure Sign by Marjo Viitala (Finland) – 15 min – Fiction

Jarno lives an easy-going live with his girlfriend in the countryside. One day, his friend tells him that a certain Roxette song predicts the end of any relationship. “It must have been love”… Unfortunately, there is a Roxette theme day in the local radio channel. Absurd comedy about paranoia in love.

Filfla by Fabrizio Ellul (Malta) – 7 min – Animation

‘Filfla’ follows the story of a woman who goes to look for a boy on the mystical island of Filfla, where a terrifying creature is lurking in its midst. The island is  turned into the ‘Isle of the Dead’ where spirits are trapped by an evil creature. A woman fights her own grief in pursue of a boy, who holds the key to defeat the evil creature. Filfla, just like the spirits trapped within it, also seeks to be released. The short animation explores Maltese myth and folk in a story of love, grief, perseverance and hope.

Three August Days by Madli Lääne (Estonia) – 20 min – Fiction

1991 in the Soviet Union. An Estonian girl, a Russian boy and one American soda.

Touch Me by Eileen Byrne (Luxembourg, Germany) – 21 min – Fiction

Alice has cancer. She has already lost one breast. And now her hair starts to fall out. What else will the disease take away from her? Moritz, her boyfriend, is as overwhelmed by the situation as she is. The fear of losing each other makes them almost forget the one thing they can still hang on to: their love … for each other and for themselves.

Screening Times

Wed 19 Jun 201919:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
Sat 22 Jun 201911:00Valletta Campus TheatreADD BOOK NOW
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