An intimate love story about two young people in Tel Aviv whose love you will never be able to fathom. Tom’s eating disorder and desire to disappear forever means that she is forced to live in a closed institute. Neil roams the streets with a tuba, convinced that he will be able to leave on Monday with the popular band The Misogynists to Germany for a European tour. After a chance visit to the institute, Neil flees into the streets with Tom and promises her she can go with him to Berlin on Monday. In the 24 hours they spend together, their love grows, but Tom still wants to disappear slowly and Neil will probably never know how the world works. In an almost matter-of-fact way, Ram Nehari puts his finger on the bizarre obsession with the body in modern Israeli culture.

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Tue 12 Jun 201821:00Pjazza Teatru RjalADD BOOK NOW
Wed 13 Jun 201820:30Embassy CinemasADD BOOK NOW
Thu 14 Jun 201816:00Embassy CinemasADD BOOK NOW
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