Greek filmmaker Babis Makridis’ ‘Pity’, written by award-winning screenwriter Efthymis Filippou (The Lobster, Dogtooth, The Killing of the Sacred Deer), tells the story of a man, the Lawyer, who feels happy only when he is unhappy. He is addicted to sadness, with such a need for pity, that he’s willing to do everything to evoke it from others. This is the life of a man in a world not cruel enough for him. He lives with his teenage son in a well-off home. He is healthy, with a pleasing face, good manners and is generally well maintained. His wife, however, is in a coma and has been in a private hospital for some time following an accident. The sadness caused by this event has become the Lawyer’s main and most vital element of life, giving him a sense of pleasure that becomes an addiction. His grief has also made everybody have compassion towards him: the neighbour bakes him a cake, the dry-cleaners give him a discount, and he shares an emotional moment with an employee. His life has never been better than it is now that he is a sad, pitied person. Then, one day, his wife wakes up from the coma. 

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Sun 10 Jun 201821:00Pjazza Teatru RjalADD BOOK NOW
Mon 11 Jun 201820:30Embassy CinemasADD BOOK NOW
Tue 12 Jun 201816:00Embassy CinemasADD BOOK NOW
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