‘A Girl Like You’ – Gianluca Mangiasciutti & Massimo Loi (Italy) 15 min

Inseparable friends, Aurora and Alba, are very different from one another. One lives in compliance with the rules imposed by her parents, the other  is independent and free. One day Alba convinces Aurora to embark on a journey to a secret and mysterious place.

‘Butterfly’ – Alex J. Withers (UK) 16 min

A young swimmer’s struggle against epilepsy; a condition putting her swimming career on hold and her life under threat. She must decide where her priorities lie… before it’s too late.

‘Arcadia’ by Jamie Vella (Malta) 25min

Father and son finally achieve their dream of moving out and living in the idyllic Maltese countryside. Yet this dream of peace and simplicity turns into a nightmare as the booming and unforgiving construction industry of the country quickly sets its sights on their land.

‘Jungle’ – Colia Vranici (France) 18 min

16 year old Afghani Zaman, is a hair dresser in an improvised salon of the Calais Jungle. Like many others, he has fled his war torn country. But the jungle is bound to disappear and with it Zaman’s dream of a better life elsewhere.

‘Son of Icarus’ by Jérémy Adonis (Belgium) 22min

Will and Ariane are “The children of Icarus” two thrill lovers preparing to fly off one of the city’s tower. Torn between an authoritarian father and a passionate partner, Will has to choose between reason and the call of the void to feel free again.

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Wed 21 Jun 201714:30Spazju KreattivADD BOOK NOW
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