Six films from Norway, Malta, France, Lebanon, Poland, UK, Portugal & Mozambique  make up this selection. Here are the details:

‘Wild Beasts’ by  Sverre Kvamme (Norway)

In the middle of the winter in Northern-Norway and surrounded by a wild group of kids, a young boy’s impulses are affected by his attraction to his best friend.

Drama – 9 min

‘Scorpion Mind’ by Kenneth Chircop (Malta)

Shakespeare’s characters from Macbeth are transported to the 1980’s in the form of rival teen gangs in this short film. A tormented Macbeth heads to an abandoned warehouse to address a multi gang meetup to re-establish his leadership, but starts having visions of a murdered Banquo. All gangs lose faith in Macbeth as their leader and deal with him in the only way they know.

Drama –  13 min

‘Correspondance Pelliculaire’ by Bruno Bouchard (France)

This filmic correspondence is the witness of a love. An immeasurable love that will give birth to a being of great sensitivity. This being has grown, nourished by passion. It is through the images that are superimposed on the original words that Bruno pays homage to his parents, their love and his passion for cinema. A statement for a time that lasts in the eternity of a film.

Experimental – 7 min

‘Words and Lights’ by Karel Malkoun (Lebanon)

When it comes to love and passion, Cleo knows little but what she has observed. Still attached to her childhood yet yearing to grow up, one night she meets Alex, a mysterious guy who makes her feel desired for the first time. Is Cleo going to find what she’s looking for?

Drama – 21 min

Too Tash by Dariusz Sipowski (Poland, UK)

Old Kyrghiz nomad telling a tale about times when people and ghosts used to live together.

Documentary – 14 min

Nyo Vweta Nafta by Ico Costa  (Portugal, Mozambique)

Shot on 16mm film in Mozambique, director Ico Costa explores the textures of human behaviour as he follows young men who wonder what lies beyond their immediate surroundings. In the interplay between performance and document, poetry emerges from fleeting everyday moments.

Documentary – 21 min

Screening Times

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Tue 12 Jun 201815:00Spazju KreattivADD BOOK NOW
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