Six films from Malta, France, Poland, Mauritius, Italy and Belgium make up this selection. Here are the details :

Marbut by Winston Azzopardi (Malta)

Robert wakes up after his stag party to find himself blindfolded and tied up. At first he thinks that it is his friends, taking their party pranks a tad too far, but then is jolted by the sound of high heels. As the woman in the room slowly takes his blindfold off, Robert realises it’s his ex-fiancée Julie, whom he had not seen since that damned night when she slept with his best friend Patrick.

Drama – 11 min

Les Âmes Soeurs by Marion Filloque (France)

When Rose visits her family in the middle of the countryside, she discovers that her parents and little sister Nina behave strangely. Intent to lift the veil of mystery, Rose is very quickly confronted with a reality she did not expect.

Drama – 18 min

Deer Boy by Kataryna Katarzyna Gondek (Poland)

A story about a hunter’s son, who was born with antlers, and about how each man kills the thing he loves.

Drama – 15 min

Pran Nesans by Daniella Bastien (Mauritius)

A look into the world of “Marke”, a practice, a ritual, a tradition that needs to be passed on to prevent a whole part of Mauritian culture from being lost.

Documentary – 14 min

Denise by Rossella Inglese (Italy)

Denise is a teenager obsessed by what people think of her. Aware of being constantly observed by a camera, she exposes herself to the viewer in a fierce and provocative way.

Drama – 15 min

Family for Sale by Sébastien Petretti (Belgium)

A hole in a condom back in 1980, and Xav is conceived. Ironic when you know that Oscar, his father, owns a sex shop. Typhaine, the mother, is a disinherited bourgeois. Since the arrival of Petra, Oscar’s mistress, Typhaine can’t stop throwing herself against the wall to express her discomfort. Xav has tried getting used to his family, but eighteen years later, he’s had enough.

Comedy – 14 min

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