‘The Van Bommel Brothers’ by Laurens Jans (Belgium – 25:00)

Between free will and loyalty, Kamiel,  tries to escape the misery of his wretched existence.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.26.04

‘Friend or Foe’ by Shirley Mintoff (Malta – 17:26)

Malta, 1941. RAF Squadron Leader James Alden is given the order to escort a German child to safety. The survival of this girl will ultimately decide the outcome of a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler.


‘Kingdom of Garbage’ by Yasir Kareem (Iraq, Netherlands, USA, UK – 08:33)

Zahraa dreams of going to school. Instead she and her brother, Hassan, must scour a landfill site for valuable materials to provide for their family, competing against the other scavengers.


‘Cadence’ by Jean-Charles Paugam (France – 24:00)

Georges, 50,  works in a slaughterhouse. When his colleague has a heart attack, Georges, gets the message: he’d better take control of his life.

‘Black Sea’ by Ulas Karaoglu (Turkey – 21:20)

A revolutionary group is forced to leave the country after a riot. They  plan to flee to Bulgaria from Turkey via the Black Sea. A difficult and dangerous journey which results in questioning themselves and their organisation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 17.31.55

‘Fire’ by Chris Andrews (UK – 13:48)

Jack (17) is coerced into stealing a car by his bullying father. When the theft goes wrong, he flees into an urban woodland. Drawn into a ranger’s world he is given a glimpse into a completely different way of life.

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