Over the years first unselfconsciously and then with growing consciousness, I made films about water.  It does not need to be stressed – water is extremely photogenic – whether as cloud, fog, mist, snow, hail, rain, ice, lake, stream, river, sea or ocean. Or tears. Drip, splash, roar, trickle.

The Earth is called The Blue Planet and its water is evident from outer space. Our bodies are sixty per cent water – drain and squeeze away the water and there would be little left. A human need to take in two liters or four pints of water every day. Seventy-one per cent of the earth’s surface is covered in water. The first thing we search for in our desire to contact aliens is the presence of water. We can anticipate the coming Water-Wars. The seas are rising, parts of the world are already newly flooded.

I live in Holland – my front door is three and a half meters below sea-level. Don’t worry – Holland – at least for the moment – is superlatively protected. When there is a flood in New Orleans, or a Russian submarine goes missing in the North Sea – the Dutch are the first to be there. A quarter of Holland was not there three hundred years ago – it was under the sea. There are eleven thousand miles of dyke built since 1200 to push back the sea.

Water can be a legitimate reason to take your clothes off, to be naked, to be clean, to bathe and to swim but of course also to drown.

Peter Greenaway 

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