ISLANDERS is a section of Valletta Film Festival open to productions that are mainly set on islands or produced by filmmakers that are citizens or residents of an island.

There are 49 islands in the world that are sovereign states and just as many that are dependent on other states or regions. There are also thousands of populated and unpopulated islands, scattered like little dots, on the map of this planet that we call home. Islanders  is a cinematic archipelago of our planet, set in one of the smallest capitals of Europe – Valletta.

For the second consecutive year, this edition of ISLANDERS will be supported by Valletta 2018 Foundation.

All films in this selection are eligible for the Valletta Film Festival Audience Award.

Here are the films selected so far:

Burning Birds’ by Sanjeewa Pushakumara (Sri Lanka)

Boy on the Bridge’ by Petros Charalambous (Cyprus)

‘Birdshot’ by Mikhail Red (Philippines, Qatar)

‘Bad Lucky Goat’ by Samir Oliveros (Colombia)

‘Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts’ by Mouly Surya