Have you ever wondered what goes on in a foundry?

Have you ever marvelled at the creation of a bronze work of art ?

Have you ever wished to be the creator of such a work?

Look no further!

“Hand Gestures” will keep your eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end. And you will come away with the feeling that you have had a hand in it. The focus on the artist’s hands as he wields his tools and, with gentle pressure, caresses the malleable wax to bring to life his creation, will make you feel like you’ve participated in his creation.

Step by step, the artisan’s hands, wordlessly, hypnotically guide the viewer through the lost-wax-casting technique, and you will be drawn into experiencing the excitement of giving birth to a work of art.” The hands are the protagonists, and the camera gracefully observes their gestures. The furnace, spewing out fire, instinctively makes you back away from its fury as toxic fumes threaten to engulf you.

Every now and then, black and white footage takes us back scores of years, to witness this casting process which has remained practically unchanged. By the time the work of art – the stylization of a crouching dog – is finally revealed, cleaned and burnished to the desired patina, it is not without a pinch to the heart that you watch it being loaded into a van to join a number of its kind.

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