Promotional Video of Valletta Film Festival

This is a short video produced to promote the first edition of Valletta Film Festival. It highlights the various aspects of the film festival and shows fantastic footage of Valletta including the open air venues that will be used to turn the City into a Cinema.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 18.08.29

The opening animation features two distinctive buildings that make up Valletta’s skyline; the dome of the Roman Catholic church dedicated Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the bell tower of the Anglican Cathedral. Hand drawn sketches of these two buildings rise on a black screen to meet a radiating sun that quickly turns into a Catherine wheel and finishes as a film reel to form a film projector that is quickly turned on to expose the Valletta Film Festival logo and the dates of the first edition.

A still image from this animation appears on all posters and all merchandise of the first edition of the Valletta Film Festival.

The animation is produced by Film Grain Foundation and directed by Ian Schranz. Aerial footage provided by Mark Cassar. Music by Davendra Banhart.

See you in June 2015.


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