Europe’s smallest capital, Valletta was built  by the Knights of St John on a peninsula that’s only 1km by 600m. It may be small, but it’s packed full of sights, museums, art galleries and shops  and it’s many bars & restaurants dotting every corner the city make the city vibrant and lively both day and night.

The Valletta Film Festival recommends:

Trabuxu Bistro The warm, rich tones, muted lighting and objets d’art are a welcome entry into the heart of this popular bistro that serves a seasonal menu of fresh fish, meat and pasta.

Kingsway Bar & Cafe  In the heart of Valletta, Kingsway bar-café is the place to be if you’re after fresh food, great coffee or a strong drink, all  in one luxurious package. Dapper & stylish, yet genuine & tasty. Here, VFF patrons can enjoy 10% discount during the festival week.

Capistrano Restaurant  is situated in the heart of Malta’s capital city. They specialise in genuine Mediterranean Cuisine with an excellent service. Capistrano Restaurant will offer 10% discount to VFF patrons during the festival week.

Sotto Pizzeria  is one of the best places to grab a genuine Italian pizza in Valletta. VFF patrons can do so at 10% discount during the festival week but better book in advance because it gets busy.

Trattoria Zero Sei  is the first Roman trattoria in Malta. Roman cuisine prepared by Romans. Because pasta carbonara is serious business. Book your table here with a 10% discount during the festival week upon presentation of festival pass or ticket.

Ortygia. In a different setting, come and discover Italian, Mediterranean and European food.
In addition, you will have the chance to have quality service in this beautiful restaurant. 10% discount for VFF pass and ticket holders.

Salumeria is offering Mediterranean cuisine for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just come for a drink. Enjoy this warm and relaxed place.

Pastaus. Appreciated for its delicious pasta, this restaurant offers a wide choice for guests. You will not be disappointed with this friendly place and exceptional service. 10% discount for VFF pass and ticket holders.

Streat WhiskeyFamous for its burgers and pasta as well as a wide selection of drinks that you can enjoy until late in the evening. 25% discount for VFF pass and ticket holders.

La Bottega. A very nice pub/bar with entertainment such as music for a relaxed atmosphere. This bar/restaurant is close to St John’s Cathedral. 20% discount for VFF pass and ticket holders.

66 St. Paul’sGuests can enjoy the bar and restaurant of this hotel which offers a variety of services. It also has a rooftop swimming pool.

Hammett Macina. A gourmet restaurant offering quality Mediterranean dishes in a sumptuous setting. For a flawless evening go to this restaurant.

Streat Pan Asian. Chinese dishes, typical of Asia available in this restaurant that will make you travel and discover other dishes completely different from what you are used to eating. 25% discount for VFF pass and ticket holders.

Margo’s. Artisanal, hand-crafted, sourdough pizza using only organic buffalo mozzarella and natural, home-made, old style ingredients baked in wood-fired oven.