30,000 views of VFF Promo video in 3 weeks

In less than a month, Valletta Film Festival’s promotional video has been seen over 30,000 times on social networks.

This video, highlights the various aspects of the film festival and includes fantastic footage of Valletta, shot my Mark Cassar. The opening animation features two distinctive buildings that make up Valletta’s skyline; the dome of the Roman Catholic church dedicated Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the bell tower of the Anglican Cathedral. Hand drawn sketches of these two buildings rise on a black screen to meet a radiating sun that quickly turns into a Catherine wheel and finishes as a film reel to form a film projector that is quickly turned on to expose the Valletta Film Festival logo and the dates of the first edition.

The animation is produced by Film Grain Foundation and directed by Ian Schranz.

Here is a short interview with Ian about this promo and his expectations of the Valletta Film Festival.

Ian Schranz

Could you introduce yourself please?
My name is Ian Schranz. I was born in St. Julians in 1977 and currently live in Sliema.

Your background and occupation?
I started out as a tennis player and now I’m an illustrator and graphic design by trade.
I also perform in a few local bands namely Beangrowers, The Shh, Bark Bark Disco & Godzilla Power Hour.

What was your inspiration for the video?
I tried to make an art house rotoscoping style animation of Valletta interconnecting with the idea of a projector. I drew every frame to create a mini cartoon. Then I created a video edit after that using some film style frames to sell the content of the promotional material.

Graphic design prospects in Malta?
There are many new and young great graphic designer and illustrators on the island, so id say the future is very bright.

Any expectations to Valletta Film Festival?
I am looking forward to the opportunity to watch so many high quality films in Valletta. It is a great initiative that both Valletta and Malta deserve. I was in Berlin recently and whole city was buzzing about “Taxi” by Panahi, the film that is opening Valletta Film Festival.  Watching it in an open air cinema in Valletta in June, will be amazing.

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